Fishing Equipment

Photo courtesy of Hans van KlinkenWritten by Hans van Klinken

Fly Rods

For Atlantic salmon fishing I personally prefer a single handed rod for most locations and conditions. Only in really big rivers, like the lower Humber, for example, I would use a double hand rod, but mainly for experiments because I simply don’t like to play a fish with such a big and powerful rod. I also like a rod with a stiffer tip, so that I can use the rods in saltwater, estuaries and with sinktip lines as well. A good salmon fly rod usually start at #7 line weight and go all the way up to the 10/11 weight. Although I have landed many grilse with #6 weight rods, I still advise other people to take a weight #7 or #8 rod, just because it’s better for the fish when you release it again. I play rather quickly and powerfully, but many people play too softly, and it will take ages to land a grilse with a light rod. If you play it too long, there is a big chance that the fish will not survive anyway! The action of the rod I would prefer is medium-fast and fast, just to be sure to be able to cast in the windiest of conditions. Rod lengths from nine and nine and a half feet will do perfectly for most fishing techniques but some people like to use a eight or eight and half feet when the river is quite small. I always take at least one spare rod per person. Personally I use a weight #6 rod for brook trout and grilse in small rivers.