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The heart of Tuckamore Lodge is Barb Genge and her friendly staff. Like Barb, they have spent their lives working in and enjoying Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula. The staff are residents of the local area living in the nearby communities of Main Brook, Croque, St. Julien's, Conche, Roddickton, Englee, and Pond Cove. They take great pride in sharing their knowledge of the region with their guests. With over 15 years experience, they have received intensive, formal training in all aspects of wilderness expeditions, guiding, environmental education, first aid, and hospitality services. Over the years, the staff has grown into a dedicated team of workers that are always available to answer any questions or lend a helping hand. Below is a brief profile of our staff. We look forward to meeting you!


Barb is the owner & operator of Tuckamore Lodge. In 2013, she was inducted into the Tourism Hall of Fame in Ottawa.

Her summer & winter programs are highly rated by the Canadian Tourism Commission. Outdoor Magazine named Tuckamore Lodge as 'one of the six best reconnoitering destinations in Canada'.


Celie is an animal lover. She's the cheerful, friendly voice on the other end of the line and is Barb's assistant in the office.

Celie is always ready to take your call or settle you in at Tuckamore Lodge.


Adept in geology, Justin provides insightful tours into the Newfoundland wilderness.

Justin is a guide and helps to maintain the outfitting equipment. He also has a diploma in geology and is tour guide to the fossil site and into the moose yards.


Dennis is a fisherman and trapper by trade. He presently works as a hunting and fishing guide.

In addition to guiding, Dennis takes people on extreme hikes, boat tours, and snowmobile excursions. He is a jack-of-all-trades!


Brendan is the head guide for hunting and fishing at the Lodge.

He is an accomplished guide and is in charge of training new guides and orienting hunters and fishermen each week. He is known as 'the Irishman' by his fellow guides.


Junior (also known as Steven) is a hunting and fishing guide.

He has extensive training in the military with the Canadian Rangers. Junior is an expert in wilderness guiding and survival.


Randy is our driver and is also tour guide for hiking and outdoor activities at the lodge. He is often in charge of group tours and is an expert snowmobile guide.

He is known for always having a story to tell. If you want a run to the store, ask Randy.

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Look for our logo in travel guides and magazines. We have been featured in Chatelaine, Maclean's, The Chicago Tribune, Outdoor Canada and many more..

The Tuckamore Tree represents beauty of the unique landscape found in the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland.

Tuckamore Tree

Written by Hans van Klinken

'Tuckamore' is a typical Newfoundland term for the stunted balsam fir and spruce trees that grow in some alpine areas and along the coast. All along the shoreline of the Great Northern Peninsula and the Labrador Straits, you can find this rare and peculiar vegetation.

Even more unusual, at certain times of the year, this vegetation can produce a very nice fragrance. This odor becomes stronger especially after a little rainfall or when trees are covered with dew. On windy days, the coastal air can reach far inland and the people in Newfoundland call it 'the smell of Tuckamore'. Personally, I describe it as 'the perfume of the wild'.

All Photos Courtesy of Hans van Klinken

Tuckamore Tree Gallery