Photographer Tim Flanigan

Timothy FlaniganPennsylvanian photographer, Timothy Flanigan, specializes in photographing North American wildlife species, wildflowers and landscapes with a passionate emphasis on the Ruffed Grouse and American Woodcock.

Experimenting with photography at an early age, Tim soon realized that the camera enhanced his ability to study and record all things wild and natural. His skill and dedication to his craft has consistently garnered him numerous national, regional and state awards for both writing and photography over many years. Tim's joy of sharing his images of wildlife interaction or a beautiful wild place, or his writings of days afield or along a stream is only surpassed by the viewer's association with his work in a positive lasting way.

Tim has been producing top quality photographic images for the print media for many decades with photo credits in numerous venues including book covers and their inside pages, magazine covers and within their folds, newspapers, greeting and post cards, calendars, travel brochures, phone books, advertisements, on-line, corporate contracts as well as restaurant, home décor, and for private collections.

Since 1987, Tim and his wife Debbie operate Nature Exposure, an outdoor writing and photography business in Bedford, Pennsylvania. The business purpose is supplying their content and photography to outdoor publications as well as creating editions of their fine art photography as framed canvas prints, matted paper prints and note card collections. Their work is also exhibited and sold at various art galleries, art shows, festivals and sporting events. Tim and Debbie enjoy camping and traveling extensively with their brittany, Pixel, in pursuit of seasonal wildlife migrations and activities, always seeking to capture phtographic memories of unique natural moments and unspoiled wild places in magical natural light.