Fly Zone .. A wonderful story

by Mark Schatzker

A freshly caught wild Atlantic salmon, a fish that can be eaten only by reeling it in yourself.The question “Would you like iceberg ice in “your water glass tonight?” is the kind typically reserved for destinations of rarefied pomposity. A boutique Japanese cruise liner, say, or a nightclub in Moscow that only the oligarchs know about. But not in the interior of a Dodge Caliber doing the speed limit on Grenfell Drive, a highway lined by fir trees, the odd birch and an almost ridiculous number of moose.

You find Grenfell Drive on the Northern Peninsula, a tip of land that shoots northward off the shore of Newfoundland, Canada. I was not here to see, or taste, icebergs. My quarry, also of the ocean and also having to do with dinner, was far more rare. I was on my way to a fishing lodge to eat an Atlantic salmon.

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